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Giving a Shit I woke up the other day and my low back was extremely tender. As I sat up in bed, the sharp pains worked quicker than Nitro coffee at popping my eyes open, but I couldn’t spring to my feet. As I reached down to pull on my shorts from the floor, yes I sleep naked, I had to move in slow motion. I gave into gravity and allowed my tense body to unfold on the ground. I started inch by inch and stretched the hell out of it. As I tried to spring up off the floor, all of the tightness and cramping remained and I limped to a semi-erect stance. What the hell was going on? Ah, tracing the "what coulda" possibilities for my problems, I fortunately realized that I wasn’t injured injured. Two days earlier I did a super intensive leg and low back work out, first time ever like that, and the muscles were cramping and complaining like a spoiled housewife. And just like a spoiled housewife, I couldn’t beat them into submission; I would have to try and ignore them and hope