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  Why? Why does it bother me so much when I come across "friend's" posts on Facebook where they write these long thank you I love and miss you messages to dead moms and dads? Am I cold hearted? Here is an actual post: You've been gone for two years now, mom. It's been the hardest years of my life. There isn't a day that goes by that we don't speak, think, or look at your pictures or remember your smile and laughter. I miss the phone calls every day. Our lives are not the same. I know you are up there laughing with uncle Max and grandpa. Don't let Aunt Hili keep you up all night with the jokes. I love and miss you mom.   Sounds like poor old dead mom is in HELL? If there is a god and a heaven, I am certain that Mark Zuckerberg and his Facebook monster would be restricted to the fires and brimstone place. Is the dead mom poster looking for a Facebook hug; wants me to feel badly mommy died two years ago and he's now a 49 year old orphan? If life goes