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CLASS ACTION I didn’t plan on writing right now. Now, as in at this exact moment as I type this. I did plan on getting started writing again, some time over my trip. Just not now, on the plane.  I’m bringing my old school, big lap top with me on a long, by sea, by land and by air trip. Sure, I could write on an iPad or iPhone. But I have these fat fingers and my dexterity with these pork chops makes typing on any device painful. I’m on a plane, heading to Boston with my wife Debbie.  Tomorrow is visiting day at our kids' camp. They are in Maine. Smithfield, Maine. Camp Matoaka.  It’s the best and most wonderfully magical camp in the world.  Of course I’ve never seen or been to another camp, ever. So, I have nothing to compare it to. Based on how much my kids love it and can’t wait to get back there, and based on how much it costs per hour, it better be the best. Our flight from Fort Lauderdale to Boston is short; only three hours. My plan was to sleep for 2 hours.