Why does it bother me so much when I come across "friend's" posts on Facebook where they write these long thank you I love and miss you messages to dead moms and dads? Am I cold hearted? Here is an actual post:

You've been gone for two years now, mom. It's been the hardest years of my life. There isn't a day that goes by that we don't speak, think, or look at your pictures or remember your smile and laughter. I miss the phone calls every day. Our lives are not the same. I know you are up there laughing with uncle Max and grandpa. Don't let Aunt Hili keep you up all night with the jokes. I love and miss you mom.  

Sounds like poor old dead mom is in HELL? If there is a god and a heaven, I am certain that Mark Zuckerberg and his Facebook monster would be restricted to the fires and brimstone place. Is the dead mom poster looking for a Facebook hug; wants me to feel badly mommy died two years ago and he's now a 49 year old orphan? If life goes right, moms and dads die first, get over it. Maybe his dead mom reads that stupid, humiliating post on Facebook and she says, "thank god I'm dead."

If the dead are seeing Facebook posts, do they also get bombarded with Ads? Are the afterlife Ads specific for living in heaven or hell? Can you buy needless shit in heaven? How do the dead make payment; remember, "you can't take it with you." Does Amazon deliver to the pearly gates? Super born again, bible thumping, evangelical Mike Pence would love to extend the US Postal deliveries to heaven. He has a hard on for Jesus, just not for his own wife. Why can't Pence be left unsupervised with any woman besides his gay bashing wife? I don't even have a joke for that. Pence is the punchline.

Why was Jesus named after a Mexican? The name is pronounced Hey-Seus. I know plenty of guys named Jesus, and none of them are from Israel. Jesus H (Hector) Gonzales Christiano was his name, and saving souls was his game. If the evangelical crowd ever realized they were worshiping a Mexican, they's all convert to Scientology.

Why do people incessantly post picture and videos of their stupid trips on Facebook? Does anyone ever, in the history of ever, watch horrible video footage of "friends" walking in up the Eiffel Tower stairs, or down a mountain path? Does anyone watch dizzying videos of people skiing down the slopes in "Breck?" Imagine the trillions of hours of video of people skiing and snow boarding that are stored forever in the either. Millions of years of video nothingness that will never be seen again by a human, just floating in literal cloud storage for all of eternity. Maybe this is really where heaven is located. Long after the last human dies, aliens will come to earth and hook into our vast video storage networks and think humans lived on one big, poorly shot, vacation trip.

Why the leg, foot ocean thing? Who the hell first thought it was a good idea to post a picture of a leg and foot in the sand at the beach? And why did so many others think, "yeah, let me copy that stupid fucking picture with my own gross foot." Who the hell wants to see your nasty feet and flabby, bruised legs? Big deal, your on the beach. Now jump on a treadmill you fat fuck. And get a pedicure. And shave. And log off.

Why are these silly Facebook challenges continuing despite how obvious it is that we are being punked? The Russians come up with stupid, humiliating challenges for us to do, post and challenge others fools. Russian TV shows (think America's Funnies Home Videos) are making non-stop fun of us. Swallow a Tide Pouch and die on video. Drink bleach and cure COVID-19. Could a 25 push-up challenge really stop ALS? Here's a challenge, stop posting stupid shit for 25 days.

In the spirit of that, I'm done posting shit!


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