Golden T t-shirts

When you buy new clothes, you don’t throw out the old ones. Why not? How many times do I have to see you in your favorite Lulu Lemon shirt? If you buy a new shirt, one shirt must be given away. That is a requirement. I was going to write “given away to charity,” but that is too broad a spectrum. Trump had a charity, until a couple weeks ago. 

Without better direction, you could buy a new, over priced, $128 t-shirt from Lulu Lemon and then donate an older Under Armour $18 t-shirt to Trump Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charity. Trump’s charity would take your old, worn out UA shirt and they would re-tool, putting a giant golden “T” on the chest. This “new” golden T t-shirt would then be given as a uniform to an illegal alien cutting the grass on a Trump golf course. The employee would later see a $30 deduction in their pay check for the uniform. That’s not the charity I’m talking about.

I want to help you. I want to help all of us to find a path to make a difference in a way that really counts. There are people out there really struggling to make it. They are trying to build for the future. If each of us could help just little more, miracles can happen. Maybe, just keep your old Under Armour shit shirt and give the $128 to someone who really needs it. Trump needs it. He is trying to build a wall and he needs your help.

Being that you brought up Trump, why are people so surprised that he is pulling out of Afghanistan and Syria? There is clearly profit to be made over there and Trump and his kids cannot cash in with the Army over there. By pulling the US military out, he can let Erik the Prince take his mercenary army, formerly know as Blackwater, into Syria and Afghanistan, and they can do it for billions of dollars and without government oversight. A win win.

Blackwater is now called Academi. It used to be a group of heavily armed thugs, called private contractors, who murdered people in Iraq during Dubya’s war days. After very bad press,
they changed their name to Academi. With a name like that, they obviously gave up their bombs and machine guns and they hired a bunch of liberal arts professors to debate the purpose of war. If you really want to give back to society, you can sign up here and make $100,000 per year, not including bonuses for head shots.

I think Trump plans on handing the wars over to Academi so he and his buddies can make a huge profit. I think this might be a great idea. We should pull volunteer kids, who get paid shit to be there, out of all combat zones. Let the gung-ho lunatics who are paid big bucks get out there and have some fun. I have one little caveat. Whatever company provides the military services, Academi or any other, they will make billions in profits. There must be one caveat. The company has to be truly a public company with stock ownership restricted to teachers, policemen and police women, postal workers, US military personnel below the rank of Captain, and governmental non-non-elected employees below an income level of $100,000. Trump is right, let’s make some money on this war. And I want to see a golden T on all the uniforms.


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